NFT News: NCSoft launches NFT Play-to-Earn NFT Games

The South Korean game development giant NCSoft Corp has taken a bold step towards developing and launching their play-to-earn NFT game. In the blockchain world of finance that is fast spreading everywhere, the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) is redefining things. Not only do these games offer tremendous entertainment to game lovers, but they also can earn big. 

On the 11th of November, 2021, NCSoft’s Chief Financial Officer, Hong Won-Jun, made the public announcement at an earnings call. He claimed that the technology design had been completed in creation with a particular type of cryptocurrency. In addition, the company releasing such an impressive launch is a step in the positive direction. 

Not only is the company launching its own NFT based cryptocurrency, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), there is more. The company is also applying the play-to-earn model to every developed and distributed game by the NCSoft Company. By the first half of 2022, the company promises to have its official release where players can begin to earn money. The method may involve trading game items or an acceptable type of NFTs.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are tokens based on blockchain technology representing a unique asset belonging to an individual entity. It may be a piece, a media file, or digital content. These tokens cannot be reproduced, counterfeited, or altered in any way, which gives the holder complete ownership of this digital asset.  Check out one of the biggest projects of NFT Gaming at

While the global game industry is currently experiencing a shift in applying technology in finance, it is a paradigm shift in a positive direction. The system has now evolved to a play-to-earn rather than the conventional pay-to-win models in video games. The new GameFi innovations are based. 

A Worthy Innovation

As NCSoft announced NFT-based games, it also propels the creativity of other parallel companies towards the growth of the business sector. On the other hand, it attracts new gamers to try their adventure with the latest software, especially when there is a monetary reward at the end of each successful task. Moreover, the tips in commission result from operating the NFT exchange.  Click here to learn more about NFT exchange.

The company shares rallied close to a daily limit of 30% at 786,000 units in response to the announcement. This stock market response shows a positive inclination towards such innovation when successful. Statistically, it is also the first time the stock hit its daily limit in the past six years. 

Pay-to-Win (P2W) vs. Play-to-Earn (P2E) Models

The mobile gaming market of South Korea also saw the launch of the Lineage W mobile game that quickly topped the highest spot. In addition, it set a new record of daily sales of Korean apps on the Google Play Store. Over a 9-day sales period, the cumulative sales exceeded the 100 billion won on its debut. 

However, the successful launch of the mobile game did not have a positive influence on the shares as it holds a view of the previous P2W model. Perhaps, the resistance in the shares stock is because there is a general perception that the P2W is fast being replaced by the P2E. In addition, the third-quarter operating profit reduced by 56% with a decreased sale of 14.5%. 

As for the new play-to-earn model, it had a global hit when South Korea’s first P2E game, Mir4, was launched. This result must have prompted NCSoft and the other game development companies to imbibe the P2E model. Therefore, Wemade Co, the company that produced the Mir4, rules the stock market with rising prices over ten times over 18 months.

Companies’ Response to the NFT-Games Model

In the launch of the global version last August, it has fully adopted blockchain technology. In this Wii game, players can mine black iron, a precious collectible that they can trade for a game coin known as Draco. More so, they can exchange these coins into WEIX tokens, which is acceptable on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Another South Korean mobile game developer, Com2uS Corp, also applies the P2E model to a new MMORPG called the “Summoners War: Chronicle.” This NFT game will also be unveiled by next year. These NFT games based on blockchain form an integral part of how digital businesses in the industry will be run going forward.

Meanwhile, the P2E model is a good step in eh right direction and is gradually evolving. Similarly, the new model is not devoid of its own limitations, but it is fast getting better each time. Moreover, this new model is not limited to South Korea or Asia but has become an exportable model to the entire world. To a large extent, the local market is also banning the model. 

Application of the NFT Models in the World

A new initiative in the P2E model also includes the Binemon, one of the much-awaited projects that attracted a lot of interest in cryptocurrency. Also, Binemon’s launch has been a massive success within the play-to-earn model and the short period. Participation has also been increasing within the digital environment. 

For example, the Axie Infinity, a pioneering initiative of NFT gaming that sold to the world, grew tremendously in the Philippines. This growth reached up to 2 billion dollars in value because the gaming experience came with blockchain technology. However, the expansion raises some anticipated concerns about its wide acceptance across other parts of the world.

Many hold the idea that this new NFT games model is only more suitable for developing countries globally. Their prejudice is that these P2E models in video games may not have the same results in other parts of the world.


In summary, the global space is still readjusting to the innovation of the blend of cryptocurrencies to the gaming experience. By projection into the New Year, players can also expect some more enjoyable game development patterns towards better player experience and higher financial returns. This new business technique also produces a stunning quality …

The Biggest NFT Projects including NFT Games

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) games in the past year have grown tremendously, with both digital artists and game developers investing in working out new projects. Moreover, investors are also pumping vast sums of money into creating digital artworks that could be worth more. Of course, many of these digital pieces would be more expensive than others. Perhaps you also need to learn some of the newest and biggest projects here and now, but before proceeding you can learn more about NFT games at

Therefore, it is good that these NFT projects are advancing towards more profits for the stakeholders on a general note. Meanwhile, we can understand how these features work better as we engage each form of the digital content that makes up the NFT space. 


The CryptoPunks comprises 10,000 NFT avatars with a design according to the Britain 70s punk scene. In addition, they also come in a variety of styles that can be even much more valuable in the form of rarer zombies and the available alien CryptoPunks. Generally, digital artworks can be unique and really funky, while the real kicker shows acute value and appearance. 

The first was during the CryptoPunks release in June 2017 into the NFT game market, but the NFT has increased in value and price. Whereas at the beginning of the launch in 2017, each was just between $1 and $34, now, four years later, a single avatar is worth $11.7 million at the Sotheby’s auction. The CEO of Figma Inc company bought another one sold for $7.57 million.

Right now, the CryptoPunks can still become highly valuable with current sales in OpenSea. However, the buyer will have to be financially buoyant to afford that as the current pricing may not be less than $3 million.


No matter where the NFT story is being told, we often like to mention the artist nicknamed, Beeple, who sold a piece of NFT for 69 million at a Christie’s auction. The real work was created over 13 years. It contains a super story of the results from Mike Winkelmann, the artist behind Beeple. A better perspective would be how much a legendary painter like Vincent Van Gogh could sell compared to Beeple.

While Beeple did not stop to create some stunning works of Art in NFT, these artworks are up for sale on the same platform but will definitely be worth a fortune. The least would be around $90,000, while the max may be worth $5 million. Some of the standard works of this artist include jaw-dropping landscapes, astronauts staring at alien worlds, and a gigantic bull-carrying bitcoin.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

A Bored Ape Yacht Club, also known as BAYC, refers to various NFT artworks belonging to the 10000 animated ape avatars. Each ape is unique in its own appearance and possesses different levels of accessories. For example, some of these apes wear crowns while others are dressed in multicolor dresses, gold teeth, and cowboy hats, and others shoot lasers with their eyes.  

The uniqueness of this art piece is part of why they have become too expensive as NFT avatars. But the Yuga labs released the NFTs about 5 months ago when the prices kept rising to the sky. Ape #1734 is currently available for $2.5 million, while Ape #350 can go for $3.5 million. And in the case of avatars, their pricing depends on the features and uniqueness of this system. 

World of Women 

There is an existing prejudice against women who invest in the NFT project. Therefore there are 10000 unique female avatars created by Yam Karkai with Raphael Malavieille. At the same time, it may also come with some inclusivity and diversity with the NFT industry. And in the world of women, NFT is now of a desirable value on the overall scale. 

In addition, some special NFTs are a bit modest in their pricing due to a current worth of about $5000. Whereas the most valuable avatars can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, Woman #2933 goes for around $400000 while Woman #6025 has almost double the price of the previous one. All these price variations are strongly affected by the uniqueness and the rarity of the NFT. 


The wealth of Ringers is also becoming increasingly observable in the marketplace, with one NFT in this category selling for $5.8 million. In addition, we can see another NFT being sold at a practically unbelievable price. So, the question is, what is so special about the Ringers NFTs that makes them so valuable? As for the drawing pattern, a featured abstract by Dimitri Cherniak was part of the package.  Click here to learn more about NFT Ringers.

On the other hand, if you take Ringers #109, comprising nine properties, the total price is about $8 million. The other Ringer’s NFTs are much cheaper than the first one. Meanwhile, they may still cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in their range, which makes them one of the priciest NFTs in the marketplace at the moment. 

NFT Artworks better than Regular Art

One may wonder why digital artwork is becoming pricier than the regular artwork that requires the actual painting. The truth is in a digital space, there are tens of thousands of NFT contents with expensive values. So, while we experience what these contents could be within $100 million, we also explore other ways by which these industries can thrive towards a more profitable future. 


In the most enormous plot of NFT projects, many high-flying items and products are becoming more desirable as the demand increases. Moreover, there are multiple ways game players, developers, investors, and other stakeholders can profit. These profits come from the blockchain-based system of running the affairs of the modern economy. …

The Most Important NFT Games and Why the Cost

NFT Games are known for their unique digital assets connected to the digital certificates on blockchain technology. At the same time, NFTs make it possible for game players to claim ownership of the tokens while confirming their validity in the cause of playing the game. Moreover, they enable investors to also gain from making inputs with tokens.

Meanwhile, a new category of NFTs is relatively more expensive than the conventional ones. But these expensive NFTs can also represent any type of object. This category includes virtual cash in a video game. However, these items and resources cannot be transferred, split, duplicated, or even replaced. want to learn some basic knowledge of NFT games, click here.

Furthermore, remember that NFTs are unique, making it impossible for two NFTs to be similar. 

How important is NFT in Games?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in games make it entirely enjoyable to invest and earn while enjoying the games. However, the increased demand has attracted a hike in the price of the NFT games. Moreover, the cryptocurrency community also got excited about this new technology and reinvesting their assets for more gains. 

Consequently, the values of these tokens increased, and today, we can begin to talk about the most expensive NFTs. Today, NFT can rake in millions of dollars in the open market, a value that further makes its uniqueness special. Below is a full analysis of some of the most expensive NFTs in the digital market and their respective worth.

1. Everyday: The First 5000 Days (Worth – $69.3 million)

Everyday: The First 5000 Days was designed by Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, a digital artist. As it stands, this NFT is also the most expensive in the market. While the initial price tag on this NFT game is about $1 million, it broke the current financial record during Christie’s digital art show on sale on the 11th of March. 

Also, as it stands, the digital art sale is the first-ever big auction site to sell any non-traditional digital work. Whereas the digital artist, Beeple has continued to upload new pictures on his website every day since 2007. As a result, this piece of digital art also has a collage with more than 5000 pictures of everything that Beeple developed over the years.

This collection has pictures of about 13 years and accurately represents both artistic and technological evolution. As the technology grows over time, Beeple, the developer, can distinguish a third-level valuable piece of digital art sold at an auction. 

2. CryptoPunk #7523 (Worth – $11.8 million)

CryptoPunks represents a digital market dominated by the NFT artwork among the four NFT games. At the same time, according to the NFT association, it stands among the best 10 most expensive NFT games to be sold in the market. In some cases, CryptoPunk #7523 is also referred to as Covid Alien in Sotheby’s auction last June. If you want to learn more about CryptoPunks visit

The idea is the presence of nine alien CryptoPunks that represent a highly sought-after collector item. Out of a total of CryptoPunks, the most expensive one is the #7523. But in 2017, the CryptoPunk character was represented by a 24 x 24 pixel in an 8-bit style figure. This character serves as a symbol or concept of a crypto-anarchist. Meanwhile, they are the first NFT game to get on the Ethereum network.

3. CryptoPunk #3100 (Worth – $7.58 Million)

This CryptoPunk is also one of the nine rare color aliens among the most expensive NFT gaming system. All CryptoPunks are produced by Larva Labs and are now highly valuable but still different from others. Among the ten CryptoPunks, this version is different from the other nine aliens with the blue and white headband that adorns it. 

CryptoPunk was first on sale in March 2021 but was later relisted with a price tag of 35,000 Ethereum. Also, the worth must have risen considerably as the current value of ETH keeps growing in the market. This increased value also means more money to investors and traders on the NFT gaming platform. 

4. CryptoPunk #7804 (Worth – $7.57 Million)

The CryptoPunk #7804 is the third member among the alien CryptoPunk series that are costly. Dylan Field’s seller is fondly described as the digital Mona Lisa. At the same time, it includes a picture of an extra-terrestrial being smoking pipe and wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat. This look alone speaks volumes of what the player can expect in the game value.

In March 2021. This game was sold to an unidentified bidder who is only known by the Twitter name Perugia. Moreover, it also has a very unique presence due to its scarcity, giving it such an aesthetic value in the market. Some of the NFT game features include the 378 CryptoPunk smoke pipes, 254 forward-facing hats, and 317 tiny sunglasses.

Of all the 10,000 CryptoPunks in total, CryptoPunk #7804 remains the only one with the mentioned characteristics. Therefore, CryptoPunks continues to be one of the most sought-after NFT games that exist presently.

5. Crossroads (Worth – $6.66 Million)

Crossroads is another costly digital asset by Beeple. The digital artist’s worth of $6.6 million is nothing short of stunning. This particular NFT game continued to gain tremendous popularity because of former US President Donald Trump. The connection? The artist sent a funny message to Donald Trump and his reelection bid. 

In a 10-second video, the artist showed former President Trump with his face to the ground with some written expletives on his bare body. The art journey requires Donald Trump to win the 2020 reelection in the US. If he had won, the NFT game would have portrayed him with a crown and marching through the flames on the campaign trail. 

Why the High Cost of the NFT Game?

NFTs, no doubt, are now very popular and valuable to those who dare to invest. It contains several valuable assets and characteristics for all the uniqueness. Also, since digital artists rely on the …