The Biggest NFT Projects including NFT Games

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) games in the past year have grown tremendously, with both digital artists and game developers investing in working out new projects. Moreover, investors are also pumping vast sums of money into creating digital artworks that could be worth more. Of course, many of these digital pieces would be more expensive than others. Perhaps you also need to learn some of the newest and biggest projects here and now, but before proceeding you can learn more about NFT games at

Therefore, it is good that these NFT projects are advancing towards more profits for the stakeholders on a general note. Meanwhile, we can understand how these features work better as we engage each form of the digital content that makes up the NFT space. 


The CryptoPunks comprises 10,000 NFT avatars with a design according to the Britain 70s punk scene. In addition, they also come in a variety of styles that can be even much more valuable in the form of rarer zombies and the available alien CryptoPunks. Generally, digital artworks can be unique and really funky, while the real kicker shows acute value and appearance. 

The first was during the CryptoPunks release in June 2017 into the NFT game market, but the NFT has increased in value and price. Whereas at the beginning of the launch in 2017, each was just between $1 and $34, now, four years later, a single avatar is worth $11.7 million at the Sotheby’s auction. The CEO of Figma Inc company bought another one sold for $7.57 million.

Right now, the CryptoPunks can still become highly valuable with current sales in OpenSea. However, the buyer will have to be financially buoyant to afford that as the current pricing may not be less than $3 million.


No matter where the NFT story is being told, we often like to mention the artist nicknamed, Beeple, who sold a piece of NFT for 69 million at a Christie’s auction. The real work was created over 13 years. It contains a super story of the results from Mike Winkelmann, the artist behind Beeple. A better perspective would be how much a legendary painter like Vincent Van Gogh could sell compared to Beeple.

While Beeple did not stop to create some stunning works of Art in NFT, these artworks are up for sale on the same platform but will definitely be worth a fortune. The least would be around $90,000, while the max may be worth $5 million. Some of the standard works of this artist include jaw-dropping landscapes, astronauts staring at alien worlds, and a gigantic bull-carrying bitcoin.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

A Bored Ape Yacht Club, also known as BAYC, refers to various NFT artworks belonging to the 10000 animated ape avatars. Each ape is unique in its own appearance and possesses different levels of accessories. For example, some of these apes wear crowns while others are dressed in multicolor dresses, gold teeth, and cowboy hats, and others shoot lasers with their eyes.  

The uniqueness of this art piece is part of why they have become too expensive as NFT avatars. But the Yuga labs released the NFTs about 5 months ago when the prices kept rising to the sky. Ape #1734 is currently available for $2.5 million, while Ape #350 can go for $3.5 million. And in the case of avatars, their pricing depends on the features and uniqueness of this system. 

World of Women 

There is an existing prejudice against women who invest in the NFT project. Therefore there are 10000 unique female avatars created by Yam Karkai with Raphael Malavieille. At the same time, it may also come with some inclusivity and diversity with the NFT industry. And in the world of women, NFT is now of a desirable value on the overall scale. 

In addition, some special NFTs are a bit modest in their pricing due to a current worth of about $5000. Whereas the most valuable avatars can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, Woman #2933 goes for around $400000 while Woman #6025 has almost double the price of the previous one. All these price variations are strongly affected by the uniqueness and the rarity of the NFT. 


The wealth of Ringers is also becoming increasingly observable in the marketplace, with one NFT in this category selling for $5.8 million. In addition, we can see another NFT being sold at a practically unbelievable price. So, the question is, what is so special about the Ringers NFTs that makes them so valuable? As for the drawing pattern, a featured abstract by Dimitri Cherniak was part of the package.  Click here to learn more about NFT Ringers.

On the other hand, if you take Ringers #109, comprising nine properties, the total price is about $8 million. The other Ringer’s NFTs are much cheaper than the first one. Meanwhile, they may still cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in their range, which makes them one of the priciest NFTs in the marketplace at the moment. 

NFT Artworks better than Regular Art

One may wonder why digital artwork is becoming pricier than the regular artwork that requires the actual painting. The truth is in a digital space, there are tens of thousands of NFT contents with expensive values. So, while we experience what these contents could be within $100 million, we also explore other ways by which these industries can thrive towards a more profitable future. 


In the most enormous plot of NFT projects, many high-flying items and products are becoming more desirable as the demand increases. Moreover, there are multiple ways game players, developers, investors, and other stakeholders can profit. These profits come from the blockchain-based system of running the affairs of the modern economy.