The Most Important NFT Games and Why the Cost

NFT Games are known for their unique digital assets connected to the digital certificates on blockchain technology. At the same time, NFTs make it possible for game players to claim ownership of the tokens while confirming their validity in the cause of playing the game. Moreover, they enable investors to also gain from making inputs with tokens.

Meanwhile, a new category of NFTs is relatively more expensive than the conventional ones. But these expensive NFTs can also represent any type of object. This category includes virtual cash in a video game. However, these items and resources cannot be transferred, split, duplicated, or even replaced. want to learn some basic knowledge of NFT games, click here.

Furthermore, remember that NFTs are unique, making it impossible for two NFTs to be similar. 

How important is NFT in Games?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in games make it entirely enjoyable to invest and earn while enjoying the games. However, the increased demand has attracted a hike in the price of the NFT games. Moreover, the cryptocurrency community also got excited about this new technology and reinvesting their assets for more gains. 

Consequently, the values of these tokens increased, and today, we can begin to talk about the most expensive NFTs. Today, NFT can rake in millions of dollars in the open market, a value that further makes its uniqueness special. Below is a full analysis of some of the most expensive NFTs in the digital market and their respective worth.

1. Everyday: The First 5000 Days (Worth – $69.3 million)

Everyday: The First 5000 Days was designed by Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, a digital artist. As it stands, this NFT is also the most expensive in the market. While the initial price tag on this NFT game is about $1 million, it broke the current financial record during Christie’s digital art show on sale on the 11th of March. 

Also, as it stands, the digital art sale is the first-ever big auction site to sell any non-traditional digital work. Whereas the digital artist, Beeple has continued to upload new pictures on his website every day since 2007. As a result, this piece of digital art also has a collage with more than 5000 pictures of everything that Beeple developed over the years.

This collection has pictures of about 13 years and accurately represents both artistic and technological evolution. As the technology grows over time, Beeple, the developer, can distinguish a third-level valuable piece of digital art sold at an auction. 

2. CryptoPunk #7523 (Worth – $11.8 million)

CryptoPunks represents a digital market dominated by the NFT artwork among the four NFT games. At the same time, according to the NFT association, it stands among the best 10 most expensive NFT games to be sold in the market. In some cases, CryptoPunk #7523 is also referred to as Covid Alien in Sotheby’s auction last June. If you want to learn more about CryptoPunks visit

The idea is the presence of nine alien CryptoPunks that represent a highly sought-after collector item. Out of a total of CryptoPunks, the most expensive one is the #7523. But in 2017, the CryptoPunk character was represented by a 24 x 24 pixel in an 8-bit style figure. This character serves as a symbol or concept of a crypto-anarchist. Meanwhile, they are the first NFT game to get on the Ethereum network.

3. CryptoPunk #3100 (Worth – $7.58 Million)

This CryptoPunk is also one of the nine rare color aliens among the most expensive NFT gaming system. All CryptoPunks are produced by Larva Labs and are now highly valuable but still different from others. Among the ten CryptoPunks, this version is different from the other nine aliens with the blue and white headband that adorns it. 

CryptoPunk was first on sale in March 2021 but was later relisted with a price tag of 35,000 Ethereum. Also, the worth must have risen considerably as the current value of ETH keeps growing in the market. This increased value also means more money to investors and traders on the NFT gaming platform. 

4. CryptoPunk #7804 (Worth – $7.57 Million)

The CryptoPunk #7804 is the third member among the alien CryptoPunk series that are costly. Dylan Field’s seller is fondly described as the digital Mona Lisa. At the same time, it includes a picture of an extra-terrestrial being smoking pipe and wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat. This look alone speaks volumes of what the player can expect in the game value.

In March 2021. This game was sold to an unidentified bidder who is only known by the Twitter name Perugia. Moreover, it also has a very unique presence due to its scarcity, giving it such an aesthetic value in the market. Some of the NFT game features include the 378 CryptoPunk smoke pipes, 254 forward-facing hats, and 317 tiny sunglasses.

Of all the 10,000 CryptoPunks in total, CryptoPunk #7804 remains the only one with the mentioned characteristics. Therefore, CryptoPunks continues to be one of the most sought-after NFT games that exist presently.

5. Crossroads (Worth – $6.66 Million)

Crossroads is another costly digital asset by Beeple. The digital artist’s worth of $6.6 million is nothing short of stunning. This particular NFT game continued to gain tremendous popularity because of former US President Donald Trump. The connection? The artist sent a funny message to Donald Trump and his reelection bid. 

In a 10-second video, the artist showed former President Trump with his face to the ground with some written expletives on his bare body. The art journey requires Donald Trump to win the 2020 reelection in the US. If he had won, the NFT game would have portrayed him with a crown and marching through the flames on the campaign trail. 

Why the High Cost of the NFT Game?

NFTs, no doubt, are now very popular and valuable to those who dare to invest. It contains several valuable assets and characteristics for all the uniqueness. Also, since digital artists rely on the proceeds of their work, the growing value for each game means more money for the artists. 

Moreover, digital files are unique pieces of art produced and reproduced an indefinite number of times. Besides, tokenized artwork means one can create a digital certificate of ownership. It also means that one person only can possess it, buy, sell or resell it at will. As long as the license is validated, exchanges can only happen in secondary markets.